"Our leadership team numbers over 50, and they are awesome!  It is an honor to serve the Lord with you"  

Sherry Earp™, Africa Orphanages™

I began ministry at 4 singing on the radio.  When I was 15 I taught in VBS.  At 17, I was Children's Minister & Bus Captain.   I served as Youth Minister, Music Minister, Children's Pastor, Praise & Worship leader & more.  I began serving singles in 2005, & the world has never been the same!  LOL  God gave me a warning to give to US Citizens, it SURE put the FEAR of the Lord in me!  If we do not feed the hungry, in Matthew 25:42, Jesus said we will not "make it".  WOW!   Think about it:  ARE YOU GONNA MAKE IT?  

WITH 50,000 in our Facebook Groups, we are doubling in 2016.  I am a native to the  Bible Belt state, Oklahoma & a graduate of Southern Nazarene University.  I have a four amazing children, two daughters, two sons, four "in-loves" & 18 grandchildren.  I am very blessed.  Our leadership team numbers over 50 volunteers.  

I believe our world is full of hard-working and deserving citizens, many are struggling.  My work in the Ministry is geared toward helping Christians help the hurting, and giving the needy the chance to succeed. 

"It is an honoElisabeth has worked her way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics."

Sherry Rice, Ohio Senator

to be richly blessed, sow into good soil

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